Hello world!

Hello world indeed!
Well, I finally bit the bullet and started a blog, the one you have stumbled upon during your internet travels. As the world around us changes so does how we get our information, both inane and important.
I still have a firm belief that newspapers will never die, no matter how many pundits call for their demise. I believe people who truly are in the news-cycle, the book and magazine readers of the world, still enjoy having a tangible newprint and paper products in their hands.

However, to deny the importance of the internet and how powerful this medium can be would be self-limiting on my part. Do internet surfers actually get informed on the internet, or do they just surf the information provided? The only way for me to find out is to get on here and blog.

Hopefully I can give you bit-sized bits of info to keep you coming back or inform you about the world speeding along around you. In the end, if that all fails, hopefully I can get you to laugh…even just a bit.

This blog will not be as much as about me as it will be about you- the reader, the internet surfer, the cyber slacker or the fellow hack trying to slash their way through the cyber-journalism jungle. Basically, I do not want to pit journalism vs. blogging anymore, I want to try and work at learning how to merge the two through my posts, even if the lessons are strictly for myself.

Be assured, the information you find will be delivered as if on deadline, it will be accurate, engaging and informative. 

So let us get on our way, from above the fold to -30-.


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