Heath Ledger – Promise Lost

People die every day as the old axiom goes but when someone in the public eye passes on, we all have a body of work to look back on either fondly or critically.

Ledger’s passing from an apparent overdose of sleeping pills is especially tragic when you realize he was a 28-year-old man with a two-year-old daughter and a respectable movie resume. Never known as a Hollywood bad boy, Ledger’s public persona seemed to be a “real” and likeable one.

The young Australians performance in Brokeback Mountain  is one for the ages. His body language,  stern face and raw delivery of his character was breathtaking. He made you forget it was acting, you believed that character could walk right off the screen and live amongst us.

His perfomamce as one of the Bob Dylan inspired characters in I’m Not There was engaging as well. If not for Cate Blanchett’s incredible performance in that film, his would be the one people would have raved about. From what we can see in the trailers for his upcoming role as Joker in The Dark Knight , it looks like Ledger delivers a gritty, maniacal perfromance which will likely knock all our socks off.

It is a tragic Hollywood tale from James Dean to River Phoenix to which we now associate Ledger. May his family and friends find the strength to work their way through their loss.

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