Rambo should live

Once again, Ontario’s pit bull is on full display for all of us to shake our head at and possibly try to change.

The latest pup to fall victim to this legislation is Rambo a pit bull from Mississauga. Rambo escaped from his backyward and was caught running about the neighbourhood by Animal Control. He was not mauling or attacking anyone. His one crime, being born after the provicial cut-off date for breeding pit bulls. Here is the story in the Toronto Star about his tale/tail : 


Now, as fate it would have it, when I wrote my first piece on this pit bull ban, while in Northumberland, I talked to an owner of pit bull also called…yup, Rambo. I wonder if Sly Stallone gets royalties from dog owners for all the dogs which carry the name of his hell-bent, kick-ass character Rambo.

 Here is my piece on the ban after it was first announced:


Enough is enough folks, blaming a dog and breed for the idiocy of their owners is wrong and unproductive. It is like blaming a car manufacturer for the idiot driver who wraps a car around a tree going 50 km/h over the speed limit. This ban needs to be lifted and heavier fines need to be levied against owners. Less dangerous owners means less dangerous dogs.

Email or contact your MPP and tell him this ban needs to be lifted or changed. 

You can find your MPP’s contact info here:



3 thoughts on “Rambo should live

  1. Susan

    Have you contacted our new Attorney General Chris Bentley, the Mayor of Mississauga and the entire council about your concerns?


    If you can send paper instead of e-mail, even better. A fax machine can’t be set to filter messages, and Canada Post doesn’t discriminate by subject.

    If you e-mail, change the (at) to the @ symbol. The (at) is to fool bots looking for e-mail addresses.

    Here are the addresses for the City Councillors and the Mayor of Mississauga:

    Her Worship Mayor Hazel McCallion: mayor(at)mississauga.ca
    Office of the Mayor
    City of Mississauga, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1
    Fax: (905) 896-5879

    Councillor Carmen Corbasson: carmen.corbasson(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Patricia Mullin: pat.mullin(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Maja Prentice maja.prentice(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Frank Dale: frank.dale(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Eve Adams: eve.adams(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Carolyn Parrish: carolyn.parrish(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Nando Iannicca: nando.iannicca(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Katie Mahoney: katie.mahoney(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Pat Saito: pat.saito(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor Sue McFadden: sue.mcfadden(at)mississauga.ca

    Councillor George Carlson: george.carlson(at)mississauga.ca

    City of Mississauga, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1
    Fax: 905-615-4081

    Janice Baker, City Manager – city.manager(at)mississauga.ca
    Fax 905-615-3376

    Attorney General:http://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/contactus.asp

  2. nancy ciutat

    Let Rambo Live!!!!

    This law is flawed. Our own government laws don’t forever elimanate bad criminals. The law should be against bad owners and NEVER against animals.

    Please Speak out and protect the innocent. Animals are innocent until trained different

  3. [quote]Email or contact your MPP and tell him this ban needs to be lifted or changed. [/quote]

    Great idea but an even better idea is for ALL Canadians is to
    Donate to http://www.bannedaid.com

    No amount is too small.

    Bill 132 has and continues to be challenged by the Bannedaid coalition.

    Here is the Ontario Superior Court Decision
    Cochrane v. Ontario

    and here is the Remedy Decision

    The case will go the the Ontario Superior Appeal Court later this year.
    In the first ruling “Pit Bull” Terrier was struck down as well as the entire Section 19.

    Also the Ontario Fiberals were slapped down for violating Sec 7 and 11d of the Charter of Rights.

    Please help the people that are fighting for your rights and your dogs.

    No Ontario dog is safe.
    “Substantially similar” has NOT been defined legally and there is NO exemption written into the law for any other Pure Breed dogs.


    Rambo has been caught up under “substantially similar”
    Your dog may be next!

    Rambo is simply one of many dogs that are fighting for their lives.
    A win will be great for Rambo but it will not affect the law.

    Please support the Main Ontario Legal Challenge to Bill 132 so that no more Rambos get picked up and sentenced to die.

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