On The Drive In: Friday, Feb. 1, 2008

Brake. Accelerate. Brake. Accelerate. Click, click, click goes the signal clicker. A blaring horn here. A screech of tires there. Such is the symphony of my drive to work. 

Friday at On Deadline will be a random blogging day for random thoughts, some insightful, some not. It is Friday, gatekeeper day to the weekend, so let’s get it over with. Here are some things to mull over on the drive in:  

  • Fox TV really rocked once as a teen thanks to Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place . Which was better? Also, Brenda vs. Kelly- who was hotter?

  • I noticed that my Thursday night TV. watching diminished to nil as I discovered “pub night” when I became almost and then legal enough to drink

  • I miss tobogganing down ‘Suicide Hill’ at Christie Pits

  • How did a cop “paddy-wagon” get its name? Is it because so many of the early New York City cops were Irish?

  • My Ron-ism of the day: “Thank god someone is paying attention and it is not me!”


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