Help Stand Up For Journalist Facing Death Sentence

A 23-year-old journalism student in Afghanistan has been condemned to death and what are you going to do about it? Click on this petition and sign to at least do the minimum you can to save a life. Click here on this petition and sign it.

Think of a family member, friend, neighbour or co-worker who you know is 23. Now think about them being possibly executed for downloading information from the Internet and distributing it to some classmates for debate, discussion or just plain old information.

The thing is, this is happening right now to Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh in Mazar-i-Sharif, Balkh province, northern Afghanistan. Check out the Committee to Protect Journalist story or the Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty story for the full details.

Email our Prime Minister  or your local MP asking them to speak up for Kambakhsh and have Canada step up and tell the Afghanistan they cannot allow this to happen.

 What you need to know: 

         Kambakhsh is accused of downloading an article from the Internet that reportedly contained critical commentary on the Koran, noting that it said the Prophet Mohammed ignored women’s rights.

         Kambakhsh might be being punished because his brother has written critical articles about local officials and warlords

         He has been sentenced to death

 Why should you really care? Well, the exact freedom you are enjoying right now, to surf this blog, download what you want and post what you want is a luxury Kamabakhsh and his fellow Aghani cannot seem to enjoy. Also, they cannot seem to enjoy this freedom despite a new constitution the nation has after the Taliban was deposed. 

Lastly, remember there are Canadian, American and British forces, among others in Afghanistan, who are fighting and dying trying to secure peace and provide freedom for people there. So, if you “support your troops”. If you stand on local overpasses waving flags in honour of their funeral processions, click on this petition and sign it to help honour their efforts and memory.

 Click on this petition, sign it and know you at least tried to stand up for someone’s life.  


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