Super Tuesday- America gets all the fun

Jocks just got their fill of sporting fun thanks to the Super Bowl and political pundits, hacks and fans now get to have some fun on Super Tuesday as Clinton vs. Obama takes centre stage.

American Democrats- do you have any idea how good you have it? Here in Canada, we are looking at the Obama-Clinton race like kids looking through the Macy’s window at Christmas time.

For us Canucks, whatever comes of Super Tuesday, on the democratic side of the field, will have no direct impact on our lives. However, what an intriguing race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barrack Obama for American voters to participate in and us to observe. Heck, I am even jealous of the Republican race with a credible and real candidate as John McCain.

How long have most Canadian political insiders and observers cried for a captivating race for Prime Minister, let alone the leadership of one of our main parties. How long has it been since a party leadership race captured the imagination of our nation like Clinton vs. Obama does States-side? We had a shot with the last Liberal leadership for a gripping race but it failed. The heavyweight candidates were dry and lacking any moving vision.

Clinton has the grit, know-how and political experience to be a great candidate. It has been a crock for critics to say she does not show enough emotion. Just because she is a woman she is expected to be emotional? Should she bake cookies for the press scrums as well? A smart and empowering female candidate- a great choice to have.

Obama has the brains and has shown no fear to roll with the political punches in the trenches. He also is savvy, an inspirational speaker and looks to be a born leader of all men and women, no matter their colour. He is a dream candidate for our bland political landscape and an inspiring candidate for the multicultural masses in North America.

Who will it be America? The ballsy, tough Clinton or the smooth and inspiring Obama?


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