So this is ‘safer than you think’ ?

Well, as some Toronto officials tried to spin the city’s crime rate ranking of 26th the criminal element of city continued along their merry way.

I am sure crimes, some even more heinous and horrible, likely happened elsewhere on the continent, let alone Canada, but the bubble of how safe Toronto was burst, or shall I say was pierced or blasted recently.

 In “the jungle” near Lawrence Square, at Lawrence Avenue and the Allen, an 18 year old boy was shot dead, a bullet to his head, and five of his friends were injured when a coward gunman walked up to them casually and opened fire.

 The sheer brazen and nonchalant attitude of the gunman is disgusting. Toronto Police released a surveillance video of the shooting and it is sickening to see. A boy, an 18 YEAR OLD BOY  was shot dead, for what godforsaken reason idiot reason only the coward gunman knows.

Now fast-foward to an incident which started on a TTC bus yesterday. Apparently saying ‘hello’ can earn you three stab wounds. This bit of lunacy is just as shocking to hear about. Even if some “tough guy” words were exchanged at some point and someone said something bad about the others mom, i mean, you STAB someone to make your point?

May be neither of these two events were preventable, the ability of human beings to be horrible to each other can supersede law and order. One can only hope our burdened and sometimes frustrating justice system can deliver some justice in these cases.

Do not drink the Kool Aid and believe the numbers that say your city is safe- it is only as safe as you make your living in it. Do not live in fear but remember to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

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