Earth Hour…now what?

The day after Earth Hour is upon us, now what are you going to do?

Will the symbolic activity designed to make a statement of concern about climate change make a difference in your daily lives?

 Sure, power consumption dipped as 8 p.m. approached but once the hour was up, Toronto Hydro reported a steady climb back to normal power consumption. Turning off a light is easy, keeping it off is harder to do. I challenge you to find a city across the world where this did not happen. In fact, if we could, it would be interesting to see how power consumption will be worldwide at 8 p.m. tonight, the day after Earth Hour.

 We are consumer society, we like our “things” and sadly many do not see that changing, do you? We want our ipods, dvd players, computers, cars and overall, our nations as a whole are power consumption hogs.

A gesture of recognition of climate change is, quite frankly, nice and quaint. If everyone who participated during Earth Hour actually took a more proactive approach in pressuring their national leaders to legislate realistic and achievable environmental protection programs, then we might see a real difference.

How about if everyone who lit a candle, looked up the stars, or in some reported cases, actually hugged trees, dedicated an hour each day to sending emails, letters or making a call to their MP to exert some pressure for real change to combat climate change, now that would be something. 

However, we should not hold our breath, just like Live Aid, Band Aid, Farm Aid etc. people only gain a global conscience when it has a catchy name and is easy to tune in to, or in Earth Hour’s case, ‘flick off”.


One thought on “Earth Hour…now what?

  1. No doubts that cost of preventing climate change would be less than not fighting against climate change. Indeed I think it is time to attack Climate change with war like urgency.

    Climate change creates unbalance in normal weather cycles. It harms agriculture and food production, causing rise in food price and then increasing inflation. Rising inflation scares Wall Street and stocks start crashing. Finally Industries suffer, causing unemployment and then recession, leaving a nation in struggle for survival.

    A very scary vicious cycle which demands immediate consideration. Isn’t it.

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