On the Drive In: April 8

As traffic rolled at its steady, mind bending slow pace home, a few things bounced about in my head which helped me keep awake at the wheel:

– It is great everyone is up in arms about Tibet and China but there are plenty of human rights atrocities happening around the world which require just as much as attention and response, such as that little genocide happening in Darfur, if you never heard of it

– I am not surprised federal Tory MPs have a little pocket reference card which tells them what to do when it comes to speaking to the media, a few Tory MPs I have met had as much personality as a loaf of bread

– I wonder if I could beat the Canadian Scrabble champion even if he spotted me a lead and allowed me to use a dictionary

– why does anyone still care about how Princess Di died

– i have no issues with private funds and sponsorships being used to help revitalize Toronto’s waterfront. I do not care if I have to walk on Tim Hortons’ Boardwalk along Esso Park to get to Burger King Pier, could we please just get our waterfront cleaned up and infilled properly

– the Leafs suck and I am enjoying every minute of this franchise’s fultility and inability to fix its problems


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