Rambo gets a visit

To be a pitbull or not to be a pitbull. This is the question that concerns the jailed pup called Rambo we reported on months ago.

Rambo is the Mississauga area dog which escaped his backyard and had the misfortune of being caught. His luck came up snake-eyes because of Ontario’s misguided pitbull legilstaion which is designed to ban his breed into extinction. Rambo was born after the cut-off date for new pitbull births. Debate has raged whether he is a pitbull at all.

Since his capture Rambo and his 20-year-old owner have been separated. She was not allowed to visit him and this young dog, who is at his most vulnerable conditioning stage, {like a young child), was left to rot behind some animal pound bars.

Thankfully some grass root support and ranting for this pup and owner and some political pressure from Carolyn Parrish, a Mississauga councillor, made a visit for Rambo possible. It now appears more visits will be in the future before Rambo has his doggie-day in court. 

Breaking news from a Mississauga council meeting, reported by the Toronto Star, indicates Mississauga will change its pit bull policy. If a pit bull passes a temperament test, they will not be killed but shipped out of province. This same report also indicates that as Rambo is getting bigger during his Animal Services stay, he is growing taller and his muzzle is growing longer, which are not typical pit bull characteristics.

Let’s hope the next Rambo update is about Rambo getting to go home…in Mississauga.




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