TTC strikes, all-black school site winner and trouble passing gas

Usually a Saturday morning is leisurely news surfing day. Time to catch up on light-hearted fare and make some futile attempts at the book ‘yet-to-be-written’ bouncing around in my mind.

However, three items screamed up through the pre-coffee morning ritual of joining the land of the living:

  • The TTC has gone on strike overnight. One day there is a negotiated settlement between the City and the tranist union and just days later, when the deal was to be ratified, the TTC workers reject the negotiated settlement. This leaves 1.5 million TTC transit riders scrambling today to get where they need to go in Toronto. Cabbies will be driving in gold, regular drivers will be driving in crap and the Province will drive to draft back-to-work legislation ready for Monday. Here is a TTC strike survival guide courtesy of the Star.


  • The Toronto Star reports that the site for Canada’s first ‘all-black-school’ has been chosen. As reported earier by various media outlets, including On Deadline, the school with be a ‘school-within-a-school’. The lucky winner is Sheppard Public School, at Sheppard Avenue and Keele Street. Parents of children at the school have received a letter informing them of the idea of the Africentric alternative curriculum which may be introduced there. The Toronto District School Board still needs to approve the idea at its May 21 meeting.


  • Gas prices on the drive home last night were at 1.21 a litre, wow. Today, the lowest prices in the city range from 1.18 to 1.19. Good luck trying to get to those stations with all added traffic thanks to the transit strike. What a royal screw job commuters and drivers are getting this weekend. After posting about my first $50 fill up I signed up at and I am now a proud member. There are some great posts and info on the world of crude and soaring gas prices in there. Also, this site has always been a great resource to find out where some cheap gas in town may be- check it out!

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