Calling all bloggers, time to unite for human rights

Bloggers Unite

The time has come to put my blogging powers to use for the greater good.

Sure I could rant about traffic, analyze Canadian politics or cry about high gas prices anytime I want but on May 15 I will blogging for human rights. My fingers will be dancing along the keyboard that day as I participate in Bloggers Unite for Human Rights.

What’s the point? Why blog about human rights when you can show off how funny you are writing about the different shapes your belly button can make? Will anyone read your thoughtful, pensive human rights prose and blog? Will anyone care?

If every blogger participating can raise the awareness of just one person about a human rights issue, it is worth the tip-tapping symphony at the keyboard. Readers and bloggers alike, engage in this event, read a post or blog on May 15 about an issue which may only seem like a nightmare for most of us in North America.

I believe something like blogging for human rights will make more of a difference and have a longer lasting effect than the recent Earth Hour festivities. Flipping off a switch is pretty easy and brainless. Reading a blog requires engagement and attention and by accident some retention of facts can occur, which is why blogging about human rights is worth it- the belly button bloggin’  be damned on May 15.

Bloggers Unite



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