Sexy Canadian politicians-when did this happen?

What do you get when you combine a French Canadian, a tall Maritimer, a homosexual, a raven haired Westerner, a blonde Ontarian and a visible minority? All these elements represent the wide-ranging and very Canadian turnout for the sexiest members of Canadian parliament according to a Parliament Hill staffer survey conducted by The Hill Times. Who would have thought it possible, we have sexy politicians. Our politics may be drab and dry to some but taxpayers at least have eye-candy in the House of Commons.

The Hill Times does a great job all the time reporting “the happenings on The Hill” and this survey brings some life to politics for those who need a dose of fun and entertainment with their daily news. Check out the results for best and worst dresser, best hair, and worst sense of humour in the survey. I can just see The Hill Times Survey party held in Ottawa somewhere as people waited for the results.

Here is a quick scorecard for the Sexiest Male and Female MPs. Did the staffers get it right or wrong?


1. Maxime Bernier = Canada’s former foreign affairs minister, a Conservative representing Beauce, Quebec.


 2. Peter MacKay = Canada’s defence minister, a Conservative representing Central Nova, Nova Scotia


3. Scott Brison = Liberal MP who announced in 2002 he was gay.



1. Rona Ambrose = Canada’s intergovernmental affairs minister, a Conservative representing Edmonton Spruce Grove, Alberta.


2. Helena Guergis = A Conservative MP representing Simcoe Grey in Ontario, first elected in 2004.


3. Ruby Dhalla = A Liberal MP, one of the first two Sikh women on Parliament Hill, and represents Brampton-Springdale, Ontario.

4 thoughts on “Sexy Canadian politicians-when did this happen?

  1. RM

    No offence but the “Sexiest Female MP” looks more like a drag queen. I can see the good looking older man appeal with the “sexiest male MP”.

  2. Sandy Kursis

    Honourable Helena Guergis is so not a Liberal!!! Conservative all the way[blog editor note-we regret the error-an honest mistake and we were not trying to convert her :)]. And she is one busy minister having 3 portfolios: Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs, International Trade) and (Sport)!

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