What “mother” means to me

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there surfing along, blogging and may be even treating themselves to some internet shopping- go for it- spoil yourselves today!

To all the mother’s I know in my life, you are all fabulous women, enjoy your day!

For me, this is what the term “mother” means:

– sitting on the back step of my family’s downtown Toronto home with my mother when I was 5 as she feeds me peanut butter by the spoonful straight from the jar

– watching ma joyfully make her world’s best lasagna just because she feels like it not because it is a special occassion

– listening to me whine about work, cars, politics, girls etc. over the years during one of our many post-dinner talks over the years

– peeling the skin from apples and cutting it in half and giving me my piece. We both know  the skin is healthy but when I was kid I thought it was gross- and the peeling tradition continues to this day

– ripping the broom from my hands whenever  I try to sweep- even this morning!

– being told I am being too stubborn or thick-headed to just make a point even though it is not necessary

– learning about humility, taking the high-road but also not being afraid to bop someone on the nose when the time is right, were all lessons I learned from good ole mom

Thanks for everything ma.


One thought on “What “mother” means to me

  1. RM

    Interesting that most of these “special” memories some how tie in with food/meals 😛 Way to a man/son’s heart ?

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