I figured out why you are slow

After eight months now of being back on Toronto roads and highways daily- I have figured out one tiny portion of the madness on the 401.


Drivers in the “collector” lanes must think “collector” means: you are now allowed to go slow, proceed at 80 kilometres an hour. Do not worry about the fact you are still in the left hand lane- THE PASSING LANE. Since it is the left hand lane in the collectors, you are allowed to go slow. In fact, you should just roll up alongside the cars in the middle and far right lanes and all cruise at the same speed, which is below the speed limit, and proceed to create a rolling road block, kind of like the Argos offensive line.


Let us also not forget the privileges with getting to drive slow in the collectors. You can catch up on your reading, phone calls and putting on your makeup


Express means fast, collectors means slow. Gotchya, thanks for the lesson.



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