Stilettos for babies – are those the Gates of Hell up ahead?

Stilettos for babies? So hey there Beelzebub, when exactly are those Gates of Hell opening and can you fit us all in at the same time? Will you give special consideration to the moronic, self-absorbed and tasteless creators of baby stilettos and anyone who buys them? Do they get the especially hot seats simply based on being colossally stupid and robbing the innocence of their babies?


If you have not read about them yet, here is the baby stiletto story which has confirmed to me that people should require a license to breed. In fact, this story now has me thinking people should need a license just to continue breathing. Anyone who comes up with this idea and even considers purchasing these stilettos, let alone buys them should be ashamed of themselves. It is called buy a doll next time and do not have a baby.


Yes, parents dress up babies in cute little suits and dresses. We all marvel and says “look at the little man” or “what a princess, look at the big girl”. Here is a newsflash for you stiletto-for-baby creators; they are babies and not there for your amusement. If you need something living to dress up like a trollop or similar to your Friday night cougar outfit, buy a damn Chihuahua. This is all about the voyeuristic pleasure of the parents looking for accolades for themselves about how “hip” or “cool” they are for putting heels on their babies. What’s next? Lipstick? Mascara? A bra?


I realize I have departed from my usual professional approach and prose for this entry but I cannot help it. I think the creators of these shoes need to sit through a child pornography or pedophile trial. I have had the unfortunate experience of sitting through both in my time as a reporter. Some of the evidence I have seen during those trials has made grown men, policemen and even a judge look sick to their stomach. I have seen the burliest cops cry outside of courtrooms for the images of babies and young children which have been twisted by sick minds.


To this day I am still haunted by some of the things I saw as I did my job. Those trials drove home one message to me:


Our children are truly a gift. Children are to be treasured and nurtured. Children are not meant to be play things for a parent’s amusement, there are enough sickos out there doing that. Parents are supposed to protect them from these monsters, not give them new candy for them to wet their appetite with.



7 thoughts on “Stilettos for babies – are those the Gates of Hell up ahead?

  1. plozano76

    Ugh, I read the article and the first thing I thought was: “Omigawd, they’re talking about an individual, not a chihuahua!” Then I went back to your blog and read the rest of your post. 🙂

    Why oh why don’t adults understand that children are individuals with rights from the moment they exit the womb (and even before)?? If only we could get that into people’s heads…

  2. Wow – I’m nearly speechless. And I’ve complained on my blog about parents who let their little girls wear tiaras and shirts that say “Princess” … This is so much worse. Who would have thought it could go this low?

    I agree with every word of what you wrote.

  3. nini0777

    Couldn’t those potentially harm the child wearing them? It looks like the shoe is placed up into an angle. With how sensitive a child’s bones are (especially at that age) couldn’t those shoes create a deformity of some sort?

  4. jack

    What year do you people live in seriously? What is so wrong with dressing a baby up rather than sending them out there in rags, what rather than dressing them up in a shirt that says princess you would put them in a shirt saying devil? And ninio777 since when do babies walk? I’d like to see that, I mean they do say for ages 0-9 months, which would mean that they are strictly for looks. Because in all actuality they are booties. just a little dressed up.

  5. k. marie

    I think people are overreacting and making much more of this then need be. who really cares how another person dresses their child. if it were your child, you’d dress it as you see fit. so if some people care to dress their 0-6 month old baby in soft stilettos, let them make that fashionable or unfashionable decision for themselves and let them believe that it is cute or fun if they want. as long as a person isn’t abusing, starving, or neglecting their child, i really could care less. no one tells you all how to raise your kids, so think your thoughts, but keep them to yourselves because the shoes will still sell and people will still buy them and you all will still just be complaining.

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  7. Yesenia

    I believe people are making such a big deal. I mean they are really cute little slippers. Is like you are trying to enforce adultery on your baby…Is just an extra dress up thing…Why do heels have such a negative symbolic meaning…seriously with all respect…

    on the other hand, this is business put yourself on the shoes on this creator…they wanted to bring something new ….like in other outrageous inventions that you have no idea why people would come up with that…i dont know my opinion

    to sum it up I don’t really care I am content about them…I dont think I would ever buy them anyways but not because i dislike them is just I dont care..but they are cute

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