Batman rocks, Leafs suck and cojones at City Hall

Well, it has been a long time coming but here it is, a fresh new post. However, this post is not a rant or a thoughtful analysis like previous posts. I cannot help it, it is summer time, so let’s be happy I have energy to post anything at all.

So, since my last legitimate post, here are 10 things I have realized as I live in the ebb and flow of big city life in Toronto.

1. There are way too many young teenagers acting like punks and thugs here in Toronto, the key word there is “acting”. When you actually start to shave or finish puberty, then proceed to consider acting “hard” and intimidating, until then, just keep riding along on your tricycle.

2. Road rage kills. The duel to the death by two irate drivers near Toronto earlier this month, that cost one man his life, was a sobering event for most motorists. If it was not sobering, give your head a shake. Life is way, way, way too short to jeopardize because you have been cut-off or someone did not signal.

3. Toronto councillors may have cojones. Toronto council’s decision to go ahead with an estimated $11 million environmental assessment, on the proposed removal of a portion of the Gardiner Expressway, was stunning to some of us who have lost faith in our councillors. The fact they have decided to study the proposal seriously shows some vision, well, a little vision anyway, since it is only a portion of the Gardiner which could come down.

4. Canada has no game- basketball game that is. The fact Canada did not qualify for the Olympics is embarrassing. The effort the players put forward was not embarrassing but this program is going no where fast. Get Canadian players playing on quality squads in Europe to develop a better pedigree. Also, hire a real coach, someone with some international credentials and they do not have to be Canadian. The fact Steve Nash and Jamal Magloire will not play for Canada must be a sign to change things up.

5. The Dark Knight is INCREDIBLE. If you do not like the latest chapter in the Batman saga, check yourself into a mental ward. You do not have to be a fan of the comic to like this movie. It stands on its own merits as a gripping movie, not just some action flick.

6. Gas prices go up when the wind changes direction. Gas prices go up whether it is cloudy or sunny. Gas prices are a ripoff, how about some kind of consumer protection here please. I want an electric car or to win the lottery and have my own fleet of personal rickshaws at my disposal.

7. TFC fans provide the best fan experience in all of Toronto. Argo games are fun but a TFC game, especially in the south stands, is unforgettable. Note, it is not the best place for families when fans en masse chant “Dig a Hole – Bury Him”, along with other adjectives, when an opponent is down and hurt on the pitch.

8. The Toronto Maple Leafs organization lacks class, here is why: Leaf greats Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark will have their numbers “honoured” this upcoming season. How about retiring their respective numbers 93 and 17 like other classy squads do for their respective greats? There are plenty of numbers to go around and Dave Keon, Borje Salming and Darryl Sittler should also be recognized with such a distinction as well.

9. J.P. Ricciardi has got to go. The Blue Jays have gone nowhere under his tenure, no matter which philosophy of building a team he employs. All teams deal with injuries but not all teams have an arrogant manager who  makes questionable signings and has not been able to field a steady lineup. This paisan needs to have his act sent elsewhere.

10. Barrack Obama- he is the real deal and an inspiration, whether you are American or not. Please elect this man to help America slowly move back to its spot as one of the greatest nations in the world. You have not fallen that far back and this is the guy to bring you back. If you do not see it, check yourself into that mental ward with Batman nonbelievers.


One thought on “Batman rocks, Leafs suck and cojones at City Hall

  1. Bella

    Well I’m not in total agreement with all of what you rant about but I do agree the Leafs should retire the numbers of past great players. Apparently ……”The Leafs only retire the numbers of players that have died or had their careers shortened by tragic circumstances. In 1993-94, the team began honouring past greats with a special banner. Those numbers remain in circulation.”

    As well TFC GAMES ROCK “GO REDS!” I really hope the MLSE doesn’t get as greedy by jacking up the prices sky high like they already have for leaf tickets! Let true fans enjoy “the beautiful game”

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