Chinese Olympics a five-ring circus already

The five rings which represent the Olympics merely represent a circus the international games became when China was chosen as host..


Even before the first starter’s gun has been fired these games have already been proven to be a sham, a mere smokescreen and distortion of the driving ethics of the Olympic Games.


It has been revealed the International Olympic Committee and Chinese authorities cut a deal to restrict the internet access of journalists at the games. Sites representing Falun Gong, Tibet freedom, Amnesty International and various press freedom and human rights advocates have all been blocked. Click here for a great story about it via the Asia Bureau of the Toronto Star.


Guarantees to not limit access and allow journalists the same freedoms they have enjoyed at past Games were made in the lead up to the games. Now, that has proven to be false with Olympic officials admitting the IOC signed off on the deal. This development alone proves why going to China with the Games was a mistake and the scary thing is there are likely horrible reminders on the horizon to further prove the point.


We could blog for hours on the assorted atrocities and assaults on human rights which have taken place in China. Tiananmen Square anyone? If that one is too gruesome, how about this week’s report about the Chinese teacher sent to a labour camp for a year because he took pictures of collapsed schools, after the recent earthquake in Sichuan province, and published them on the internet.


We should not malign the people of China and their beautiful culture and land. China is truly a magnificent player and thread in our civilization’s history. It is a fascinating place which has given us so much and imagine how much more it could contribute if it were not a police state.


Can someone remind me again why China was essentially chosen over Canada? Why Beijing and not Toronto for the 2008 Games? The decision to go to the Far East was about legacy, politics and cash, not about what was best for the Games.

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