Canadian Journalist Abducted

Kidnappings and executions of foreign dignataries, aid workers and journalists in hot bed areas around the world is not breaking news to most. I wanted to share today that a 26-year-old Canadian journalist has been abducted in Somalia.

Amanda Lindhout of Red Deer Alberta was abducted along with and Nigel Brennan, 27, from Australia and Abdifatah Mohammed Elm, a Somali photojournalist, sometime after their August 20 arrivial in Mogadishu reports the  National Union of Somali Journalists.

It is not clear what the motive of the kidnapping is, whether it is politically or financially driven but there are now another three families around the world with clenched hands, pacing and possibly praying for the safe return of their family members.

Lindhout’s mother says her daughter always believed in front line reporting and that it is the only way to become the best journalist. Her courage and willingness to put herself in harm’s way to tell a story, to share the humanitarian side of a conflict, is worth being recognized and applauded. Click here for the CTV report. 

Reporters like Lindhout know the risk they take on by reporting in areas like Iraq, Somalia, Darfur and Afghanistan but their plight does not mean we should just accept their abduction as just another story. If there are no foreign aid workers, volunteers and journalists there on the ground, and not embedded with military, who do we rely on to tell us the true story of tragedies being suffered by others?

On Deadline wanted to put this news story on your radar. If you pray, keep these three abudcted journalists in mind, if you could spare the time.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Journalist Abducted

  1. Grant

    From an update posted hours ago on CBC’s web site (

    “The Toronto Star is reporting that negotiations are underway to secure the release of a kidnapped Canadian journalist and her Australian and Somali colleagues. Amanda Lindhout, 27, and Australian photographer Nigel Brennan were taken at gunpoint 10 days ago about 20 kilometres outside Mogadishu. Their captors also seized a Somali driver and journalist Abdifatah Mohammed Elmi, who was acting as their guide.”

    “Several sources in Somalia, Kenya and Canada said that contact had been made with the kidnappers through third-party negotiators and there was hope the journalists would be released soon. Mohamed Ali Nur, Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya, told the Star that reports indicated the journalists weren’t hurt.”

    With that hopeful news, we can only continue to pray that this story will have a happy ending … and soon.

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