Update on Abducted Canadian Journalist

A video has surfaced of kidnapped Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout in which she is said to be a making a plea to the Canadian government to secure her release.

Lindhout appears with Australian photographer Nigel Brennan, who was kidnapped at the same time on Aug. 23 in Somalia. Their ransom has been set at $2.5 million by a group reportedly called the Mujahideen of Somalia. The video was show on the Al-Jazeera television network.

If you have the time, press your MP who is looking for your vote and find out where efforts to secure Lindhout’s return stand. Demand an answer of some kind, whether in an email or during a handshake.

An interesting side debate I have seen appear because of this abduction story is that the West and Europe should begin to cut their support and aid of countries in Africa because of incidents like this one. The typical “let them kill themselves” rants appear to pop up on boards and during watercooler talks.

Do we begin to turn our backs on our fellow worldwide brothers and sisters because of the misguided few?


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