Headed to The House that Ruth Built

This weekend OnDeadline will be walking through the grand old gates of The House that Ruth Built and among the ghosts and glory of the New York Yankees.

It is not too often I indulge on this blog about my personal life, dreams and daily minutiae but attending the second last game which will be played in Yankee Stadium, before it shuts down, is blog-worthy…well, to me anyway.

The Toronto Blue Jays are my favourite team, the guys I live and die with in America’s past time but the Yankees were the first team I ever liked and followed. Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly were two of my favourite players growing up. The legends of Reggie Jackson, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gerig, Yogi Berra and of course, the Big Bopper- Babe Ruth captured my imagination and sense of sporting history.

When the Jays captured their first American League East pennant, against the Yankees no less, it was perfect symmetry in my personal sporting catalogue of memories. Now, I get to see the Yankee pinstripe in the flesh at the Cathedral located in the Bronx Zoo.

For non-sports fans, the significance of seeing a stadium probably sounds juvenile. However, to be immersed in the game day spirit of a Yankees game, with thousands of New Yorkers around me, and sitting in THE STADIUM, which is the bedrock of baseball (along with Fenway), might just be beyond words to describe.

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