Canadian Gold – the new CBC hockey anthem!

Well, what can I say, the fact a 13-year-old could possibly have created the new CBC hockey anthem is inspiring.

Both finalists were great but I liked 13-year-old Robert Fraser Burke’s “Sticks to the Ice” by a skate blade over the eventual winner Colin Oberst’s  “Canadian Gold”. Both had an epic feel but Burke’s anthem seemed to capture the speed of the game better through his arrangements, particularly after the 38 second mark.

Selfishly speaking, I am really attached to the old, iconic anthem CBC kicked to the curb over a royalty and rights spat, thankfully CTV picked it up for its TSN hockey broadcasts. CBC should be ashamed for being so callous and rude for a song that gave to them more than they could ever imagine. They couldn’t own it outright and trashed it.

From when I was kid, that anthem was part of my Saturday night soundtrack, as it was for millions other Canadians. When the old anthem floated up the stairs or across the basement, from our first black and white RCA TV to our first colour TV, a Zenith encased in wood, it was either dinner time or, if we were lucky, dinner was over and it was time to grab your favourite pillow, sit on the floor and watch the game.

Either of Burke’s or Oberst’s anthems could help weave that same magic for young Saturday night hockey fans and families like the old anthem did for me and my immigrant family. Both anthems are worthy finalists, I voted “Sticks to the Ice” but you cannot win them all and Canadian Gold is a solid tune- congrats to Oberst.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Gold – the new CBC hockey anthem!

  1. Patrick McConnell

    I still think roberts was the best. if it came down to music and not a popularity contest, he would have the 100g’s in his pocket right now.
    as for the old anthem, it still sounds funny coming out of the tsn bumpers. but hey, ctv was the smarter business and i am happy someone grabbed the theme so it doesn’t get lost
    i am still a die-hard hnc theme lover!!!!
    no matter what network it is played on

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