Dion Should Go

As Stephane Dion grappled with his decision on whether or not to remain leader of the Liberals, one hopes he looked ahead and not behind.


If he stayed on, would he have been able to put the beating he received in this past election behind him? Also, would he be able to make Canadians, those who actually care about their politics, forget that trouncing as well? Probably not. What they will forever remember is Puffin poo on his shoulder, days upon days of explaining Green Shift and his unfortunate weakness with the English language.


Look, Dion is a sincere man. An intellect. A nice guy who really showed his prowess in the French language debate. However, the only reason he got any push in the election, near the end of the campaign, was more of Stephen Harper’s and the economy’s doing than anything he did.


He was an uninspiring leader not supported completely by his own party and not engaging enough for all left and left-centre voters. His Green Shift should have been proposed as a “green paper” a concept to be explored and worked at, not as a solid platform to run on.


Stepping down is the right thing Stephane. You served Canada well during Quebec referendum wars and your passion and work for the environment is admirable and has substance.


 If the Liberals want to salvage this wreck they are in, they need a new, young leader, someone who is engaging and has no tint or taint of the old Chretien-Martin wars.




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