Keswick man’s racism- case of ‘stupid is as stupid does’

A Keswick man has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for stringing up a black-painted skeleton from a noose, under a Confederate flag, and though I was disgusted, I am not surprised.

As details of 26-year-old Luke Granados idiocy and his guilty plea to willfully promoting hate hit various news outlets general outrage did register among the Ontarians in my immediate work and personal life.

The misguided acts of this Keswick, Ontario man delivered a clear message home, tolerance can be a paper-thin veil. Granados strung up the life-sized skeleton from a flagpole underneath the Confederate flag in late October or early November of last year.  A black man working in the area spotted it and reported it. Granados refused to take down the display after repeated requests from police. Finally a warrant was secured for its removal.

Couple this idiot act with the creeping questions and fears, for some, of how racism may affect Barack Obama’s quest to become president and you realize that we have an incredible ability, in our civilized Western society, to take three steps back so easily.

With so many pressures and true challenges life provides us, the insensitivity, hate and intolerance which comes with racism is astounding. What purpose did the Keswick man’s display serve? Would he have been so brave to string that up if he were in the heart of Rexdale, Jane and Finch or Malvern in Toronto?- probably not.

The one thing his display should remind us is this, we should never be complacent about our lives in so-called civilized democracies. We must be wary of the hate and cowardice which lurks in the hearts of more people than we care to accept or believe is possible.

The general principles in most faiths apply to people of all colours and creeds. Love thy neighbour as thyself is a common thread, is that so hard to do?


3 thoughts on “Keswick man’s racism- case of ‘stupid is as stupid does’

  1. Grant

    As much as Luke Granados is deserving of our disgust and condemnation for his actions, he also deserves pity for being so dreadfully ignorant. Prejudice – “an unfavorable opinion or a feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason” – IS ignorance.

    Through ignorance and sheer arrogance, bigots like Granados thrive on hurting and demeaning others they feel are far inferior to them simply because of differing skin colour, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Sadly, for Granados and his kind, their love of hatred is the only love they’ll probably ever know. And that’s the real pity.

  2. Redgrave

    You must be aware that Luke Granados is a Jamaican Canadian?, or are you just as stupid with your journalistic pre school scribble.
    I am proud of my Nefew for standing up to the real terrorist—York Regional Police.

  3. Vince

    I am glad you are proud of your “Nefew”, we should always be proud of our family members, whether it is for their success or failures, family is family.

    I should point out that thanks to my journalistic “pre school scribble”, as you call it, that Nefew is actually spelled “nephew”. Oh wait, you are probably writing the word the “cool way”, so “my bad” for misunderstanding that as well.

    Your anger is likely better directed at two others as well: the “real-terrorist”, per your description- York Regional Police and the “black man” who filed the complaint.

    This man was disturbed by the life-size dummy strung up under a Confederate flag….so that is a black man offended by it- is this man stupid too?

    Now, I’m guessing, as usual, thanks to my “journalistic pre school dribble” there are facts about this story that the cops never reported to the media.

    We do not know how your “Nefew” was initially approached or treated by the cops. May be that got his back up and he drew a line in the sand, thus starting a chain reaction of events he could not rein in again. Or, may be the cops were just having a bad day and took it out on him?

    May be hate was never intended, may be he was sending an “in your face” to the surrounding community with the dummy and flag because may be he has suffered some frustration in that community.

    Regardless of any of the above speculation, thanks to my “journalistic pre school scribble” I can only deal with the facts presented:

    your “Nefew” pleaded guilty to wilfully promoting hate and anyone promoting hate wilfully is stupid, no matter their color, creed or race.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    All the best.

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