Get it right – Vote Obama!

He is the Superman America needs right now.
He is the Superman America needs right now.

Well, On Deadline might as well put its two cents into the fray and state it officially endorses Barack Obama in the November 4 election in the United States.

Considering the American election is one I cannot participate in, since I am in Canada, it still has captured the imagination and attention of not just me but many fellow Canucks. The Obama-Joe Biden ticket is just too solid to ignore, please America, do not screw this up.

Obama is the best embodiment of hope in a politician we have seen in a long time. Obama is your first step to economic recovery. Obama is your best potential leader which can help move the “democratic light”, which is the United States, back to its mantle on the international stage. Obama is the proverbial American Dream realized. As a nation, you have been selling that dream and those goods, it is now time to buy them.

A smile like that extends beyond all racial divides and creeds.
A smile like that extends beyond all racial divides and creeds.

The claims of “socialism” falling at your door if you elect Obama are just silly. Anyway, if you only could be so lucky to even end up in a socialist system- do you actually think it would make things worse than the eight year mess your nation is in right now?

Obama may not fix everything right away, it is impossible to think so, but the Herculean task he faces goes beyond the national bottom line. His task is to restore hope and life into a nation which has been dragged through the mud and taken for a fool by its recent Republican leaders. This vote must go beyond race. Hope has no colour.

If building a country as great as the United States was happened one brick at a time, getting back to the road of recovery will happen one vote at a time, and that vote must be cast for Barack Obama.

Get it right.

One thought on “Get it right – Vote Obama!

  1. Grant

    Oh YES, Vince! Let’s hope the majority of American voters have seen the light of hope and will elect Mr. Obama as their next president. After eight long depressing years of gloom, doom, war and fear mongering known as the Bush/Cheney Administration, our southern neighbours now have the opportunity to start rebuilding their country and its worldwide respect. How I pray they’ll grab it. Of course, an added bonus to an Obama/Biden victory would be never again hearing the words “Joe, the Plumber” or “I can see Russia from my house.” Admittedly, McCain’s three-ring circus was rather entertaining, but it’s time to start folding up the tents.

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