Abducted CBC reporter released, no Lindhout news though

Great news, CBC reporter Mellissa Fung, the CBC journalist recently kidnapped north of Kabul has been freed.

Mellissa Fung, CBC reporter, kidnapped Oct. 12 and recently freed.
Mellissa Fung, CBC reporter, kidnapped Oct. 12 and recently freed.

Fung was kidnapped on Oct. 12 but details on how she has come to be freed are sparse. Canadian Press reports that tribal and provincial leaders helped in negotiating her release. Fung is currently at the Canadian embassy in Kabul (as of the afternoon of Saturday, Nov .8).

For more information click here http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/533435 .

On Deadline sadly has no update to report on the abduction of Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout. Sources familiar with kidnappings state “blackouts”- extended periods of no information from kidnappers, are common.

Needless to say, there is growing frustration on the Lindhout front among followers of her situation. She is a freelance reporter and that sometimes means less clout on the bargaining table, which is really frustrating from this journalist’s view point.

On Oct. 22 news reports from Africa stated Lindhout and her colleagues were being poorly treated, also, the 15-day deadline for the $2.5 million ransom for their release, or they are killed, has passed. We have no new news beyond that.

I am happy Fung was released, I really am, but as I was reading about Canadian troops plans to free her in a raid, I kept thinking, “What about Amanda?”, does she not deserve a raid, either militarily or political, to get her out too?

I know, we are talking about two different countries, Somalia vs. Afghanistan, two different sets of priorities and politics, also, we have troops on the ground near Kabul, but here is the commonality, it is still a Canadian journalist, a Canadian life, captured while doing her job in an unstable region.

I still have faith that our Foreign Affairs department is doing what it can to help Amanda. I have to have that hope. I have to have that belief.

For those of you just catching on to this news about Amanda, or feeling like they need to know more about here or do something, here are some links:

Amanda’s LightStalkers Page

The Free Amanda Lindhout Blog

On Deadline’s first report about Lindhout’s abduction

Amanda Lindhout, kidnapped Canadian journalist.
Amanda Lindhout, kidnapped Canadian journalist.

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