When in doubt…around the horn we go!

When in doubt, go around the horn, throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. Yes, also use the lamest cliches you can to justify the fact you are not inspired by solely one thing enough to write about it.

Proposed New Driving Restrictions for Ontario Teens

Though teenagers think recent proposed restriction are fascist and unfair, they are designed to protect them and the rest of us. Of late, there have been both serious and fatal accidents thanks to irresponsible and inexperienced teens behind the wheel. Accidents which involved young adults I am sure have some root in bad driving habits formed while people were in their teens.

The proposed restrictions would see teens with G2-class licences banned from carrying more than one passenger aged 19 and under at all times during the first year of their licensing period. The restriction is now limited to between midnight and 5 a.m. Teenaged family members, however, are exempt. There is nothing wrong with this, says here.

The restrictions also forbid teens from having even one drink before driving if they are 21 or younger – a zero blood-alcohol level is required. Longer licence suspensions, or cancellations of licences could also happen in serious cases.

The recent Throne Speech

Tough times usually call for tough measures. There was nothing groundbreaking in the recent Conservative plan but it is typically Canadian in these eyes. It is steady and progressive but not flashy. If the Conservatives can indeed reduce interprovincial trade and labour barriers, expand Canada’s international gateways and increase support to manufacturing and aerospace sectors, as a nation, we might be able to stem the tide of panic and chaos in this economic downturn.

A Short-Term Deficit

We have been enjoying some cushy surpluses since 1997 when Paul Martin balanced our books for the first time in years, we ran 27 straight deficits, thanks to Liberals and Tories, from 1970 to 1997. However, there has never been a global crisis and meltdown like that in the United States. To avoid a deficit Harper will have to deliver some serious program cuts and that could to make things worse for Canadians.

The rebound will be a long one in the U.S. and Canada will be going along for the ride, the life preserver provided by our commodity markets just won’t be enough. We have run a surplus for 10 years straight while nations such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan and England have been running deficits. A short-term deficit for long-term gain is in order.


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