Don’t let hot air kill offshore wind idea

Surprise, surprise. Some residents along the picturesque shoreline of Scarborough area do not want an offshore wind farm near them because it could ruin their view…two to four kilometres out in the middle of Lake Ontario.

Let the fear mongering begin. Could residents in the Scarborough Buffs and Guildwood area of Scarborough please wake up and smell the coffee. First off, Toronto Hydro just wants to run a pilot project to explore the feasibility of building an offshore windfarm. Secondly, it will not ruin your property values, exactly how can you figure that a wind turbine two to four kilometres away from you will ruin your view? Does your backyard actually extend out into the middle of Lake Ontario?

Also, let’s stop the argument about migratory birds being maimed and killed by the thousands because of an offshore wind farm. Migratory birds native to the Lake Ontario region fly and nest along lakeshores, from here to Rochester and Toronto to Kingston and beyond, but all along the shore. Birds do not go and fly right across the lake unless they are going out there to die anyway. 

We need to begin capitalizing on solar and wind power, it is readily available and does not run out, when either of them do, we will have bigger problems than an imagined view ruined.

One thought on “Don’t let hot air kill offshore wind idea

  1. Offshore, away from people, is the best place for a wind farm. Back home (Lake Huron shoreline) Suncor put up 30-some turbines and now some residents can’t live in their homes because of the electrical pollution coming off the transfer lines.

    All the company has to do is bury them (but it costs something ridiculous like $1 million between poles or something) so they’re pretty much saying “Screw you” and telling people to move.

    Because who wouldn’t scramble to buy a place that’s unliveable? I’m all for harnessing nature’s power, but there are issues that need to be dealt with too, because these energy companies aren’t in it for the good of the environment, that I can guarantee.

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