Power Grab or Nation Saving?

Is the latest tactic by Canada’s opposition parties to wrestle power away from the Tories a case of nation saving or just a plain, old, dirty power grab?

Opposition parties claim the Tories have done nothing to save the Canadian economy. There has been no “stimulus” package announced. The Tories “do not get” what is happening to regular Canadians. They are “out of touch”.

Well, if the Tories are so “out of touch”, they “out of touch”-ed their way to a slightly larger minority government in the federal election this past fall. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is being lambasted for providing no “stimulus” package in his recent economic update. Historically, economic updates never have new spending deals in them- that is why they are updates and not budgets.

Sure, the Tories have not announced any new flashy, headline-grabbing spending announcements. Sure, during the recent federal campaign Prime Minister downplayed the growing economic slowdown. However, are Canadians expected to believe that the Tories, which have won the last two elections and had their hands at the nation’s till, is out of touch with its finances?

Is this nation supposed to be happy with a possible coalition government, which consists of the Liberals and the NDP, propped up by the Bloc Quebecois, taking power? Our national government would be headed partially by the Bloc, a party that fundamentally does not want to be part of Canada.

Harper has now pushed the confidence vote back to Monday, Dec. 8. He is trying find some breathing room, go on the attack, hopefully haggle behind the scenes and get Canadian public opinion behind him.

Will this delay save Canadian politics from going over the edge into some wild territory during a global economic crisis. Canadians have to ask, is this what we want happening in Ottawa as a recession continues to grow? 

There are issues the Tories need to address but would it not serve Canadians better to have the government which was recently elected have the chance to deliver their budget? There can be a confidence vote showdown then, like we are having now. Are the opposition parties afraid that there actually may be something substantial in it that budget that would leave crush their arguments?

Some could argue, may be it is the opposition parties who should be trying harder to work with the elected minority government, and not the other way around, they did win after all. Also, are big flashy spending announcements the Canadian way? The fact we are not in a total shambles is because we have been steady in our approach.

Canadians need to determine, is all this a power grab or nation saving?


3 thoughts on “Power Grab or Nation Saving?

  1. m leinweber

    This is not the time for political games and weakening confidence that business would otherwise normally have in Canada and its government. Any move by the LIB/NDP/Bloc coalition to spend us out of this recession is irresponsible. Harper is obviously not one to have a knee-jerk reaction to what is going on. He obviously has “a plan” and will succeed in his efforts. Should the fact that Dion states he “has a plan” enough to convince the Governor General to endorse the coalition? I think not. In addition, we cannot let the opposition hijack democracy and ignore the fact that the most recent election has placed the Tories in power, not to mention the previous one as well. There is a reason that Dion and Layton have never been voted in as Prime Minister and its because they are not right for the job! Do not forget the firestorm regarding Dion’s ineptness after the Liberals lost the last election. If his party thinks he is not right for the job, why would we even consider having him as an “interim” Prime Minister? I am praying that the GG does not endorse this coalition, otherwise I may never vote in a democratic election again because this coalition proves that my vote does not count at all!

  2. Patrick McConnell

    Harper took the chance to further kick the oppostion when it was down. It was an opportunistic power grab. As my 12 year old put it this morning: He is being a bully and no one likes a bully. “It is just mean.”
    Harper better figure out if it is worth the gamble. He has already backed off on some points. I think by the time next monday comes, there won’t even be a vote. Nobody wants a coalition government where the Bloc has the balance of power. God (and Jack Layton according to the taped conference call) only knows what the Bloc has been promised for its support.
    No, Harper has to back down on this one for the sake of what is left of Canada’s political reputation on the world stage. And to save his own political skin and party’s position.

  3. Cindy Nylander

    The opposition keeps saying that Mr. Harper has lost the confidence of the house. Does that mean that they believe the confidence of the liberals and NDP or more important than the confidence of the Canadian People? Are they really telling me that my vote does not count, only what they want counts? And you thought voter turn out was low before. They say this is for the good of the canadian people and the economy. History has shown us time and time again what happens when a government is overthrown, and boosting the economy is not one of them. Just look at what happened to the stock market when this story broke. And what about our youth. They are sending a message that if you dont like someone in a position of power and authority it is okay to bully and strong arm them and get into bed with the devil (QB) to take that power away. What a great role model for our youth. No matter who you voted for or which party you are faithfull to, you cant possibly think this is part of democracy or what our fathers had in mind with the constitution.

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