Stevie D is out, Iggy is in

There may still be some hope left for the Liberals as Michael Ignatieff takes the top spot in the party.

Thankfully the disastrous term of Stephane Dion as Liberal leader has ended but not soon enough for him. Dion’s embarrassing, college-dorm-room-webcam-esque address to the nation last week perfectly illustrated just what a bumbling and out of focus choice for a party leader he was. After all the coalition bluster, he did not deliver the mustard after Harper’s address to the nation.

Ignatieff is not necessarily a saviour for all that ails the Liberals but he is an excellent, calm and brainy choice which Canada needs, not just the Liberals.

He considers the NDP and Bloc as “partners” but is also clear in stating he is first the leader of the Liberals. He says his party is not “in” coalition but admits, he is prepared to a form a government with his “partners” if the Governor General asks him to. That could only happen if the Jan.27 budget is not what our economy and nation needs during dire economic times and a vote of non-confidence is delivered.

Most importantly, Iggy delivered some strong words for Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his first press conference as party leader. Iggy may be brainy but he does have some brawn too, which Stone Cold Harper has to respect.

Ignatieff is prepared to see what kind of budget the Tories will deliver on Jan.27. Also, he is prepared to meet with Harper if the offer is extended and it reportedly has already. Hopefully, for all our sake, Harper will realize what a disastrous turn he just avoided and that he does in fact have only a minority government. 

If we are lucky enough, Harper will also realize he has to work with the opposition leaders. With someone credible as Ignatieff on the other side of the table, some actual work and governance will occur.

If the budget is the right medicine for Canada, we can trust Ignatieff to do the right thing for Canada and support it. Also, as opposition leader, he would be dynamite in keeping Harper in check and making this nutty, power-hungry minority government we are stuck with work.

Ignatieff is the sharp spear tip the Liberal party needs. He is no Obama. He is no Trudeau. But, thankfully, he is no Dion or Bush either. He is just Iggy.


2 thoughts on “Stevie D is out, Iggy is in

  1. Patrick McConnell

    He may be as you say Just Iggy, but Iggy better get some ‘Pop’ to his speech delivery. His message was clear and strongly worded. But he does seem to lack the charisma and personality to rally wide support. A brain he is, but he needs some flash to widen his appeal to younger voters.
    The personality coaches don’t get onside, face offs between Iggy and Cold Harper could have sleep-creating drones.

  2. Grant

    A towering intellectual he’s rumoured to be, but Ignatieff’s once unbridled support of the U.S. invasion of Iraq remains more than a bit troubling. Needless to say, like Stephen Harper, he also believed that Canada should have participated in George Bush’s war.

    “The discovery that Hussein didn’t have weapons after all surprises me, but it doesn’t change my view of the essential issue. I never thought the key question was what weapons he actually possessed but rather what intentions he had.”
    – Michael Ignatieff – “The Year of Living Dangerously” (March 14, 2004, New York Times)

    “The unfolding catastrophe in Iraq has condemned the political judgment of a president. But it has also condemned the judgment of many others, myself included, who as commentators supported the invasion.”
    – Michael Ignatieff – “Getting Iraq Wrong” (August 5, 2007, New York Times)

    It may be admirable for Mr. Ignatieff to finally admit he was wrong about Iraq, but good judgement in hindsight is totally worthless. Hopefully, though he’s obviously fallible, Iggy will prove his worth as Liberal Party leader, an intellectual who perhaps also possesses some plain old common sense. Only time will tell.

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