On the Drive In: December 22

I realized today as I drove in that I have not mindlessly blabbed about what I thought about “on my drive in” to work in a long time.

So, in no particular order of importance, here are a couple of things that bobbed about in my noggin as I drove through a snow squall:

1. My timing for buying new tires for my car, just a week before the first big snow storms, makes me a genius.

2. The Detroit ‘Big Three” get bailed out in U.S. Canada generates its own bailout to help our automakers here. How about some bailout cash for the communities that have been getting crushed as manufacturing disappeared in this province over the last two years?

3. Leaf fans should not be mad at Mats, he gave more to that franchise than ever was expected. Not his fault they surrounded him with over-the-hill or weak talent.

4. How Harper and his team could be so wrong about the economy and “not” running deficits in order to survive, does not inspire confidence. Is there one person in that Tory caucus that is not a “yes man”?

5. I like snow. I like driving in it. I like watching it fall. I like walking in it. I like the crunching sound it makes under your feet in the quiet of a blue-hazed winter morning.


2 thoughts on “On the Drive In: December 22

  1. Mike

    Yes sir your a genuis.
    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to give that bail out money to the taxpayers, heck 200,000.00 to each tax payer would go a long way to kick starting the economy.
    Ummmm eerrrr.. hockey, is that a game or something.
    Harper on economics, those that have money, dont care about those that dont.
    ahhhh at last, Snow, you can ski on it, sled on it, hike on it, its clean, fresh, etc etc. Now if Ontario could just grow some mountains, I would be complete.

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