Time to close 2008 at On Deadline

What do sexy politicians, baby stilettos, all-black schools and a hate for PETA  all have in common? Those were among the issues that kept On Deadline readers coming back for more in 2008.

 A first year of blogging is coming to a close and quite honestly, I never thought this blog would have made it this far. Early on, there were days and weeks I thought no one was reading this thing but slowly, the critical mass developed and I thank you all, both the new and constant readers.

The year ahead will likely bring some changes to this blog, I hope to introduce some new elements that could help it grow, improve reader connection and make me write more often.

Obama taking power, Parliament Hill sorting out its direction, stimulus packages, ever-growing recessions…who knows where the next hottest blog posts will come from in 2009.

Thanks again On Deadline readers for your comments and visits and Happy New Year to you all.


1. Sexy Canadian Politicians- when did this happen?

2. Toronto’s All-Black Schools, what would Martin Luther King say?

3.  Screw You PETA for exploiting Manitoba Greyhound tragedy

4. Toronto’s all-black school could be “school within a school”

5.  Stilettos for Babies – Are those the Gates of Hell up ahead?



Sexy politicians, Stilettos for babies, Toronto all black school, ruby dhalla, sikh women, manitoba greyhound

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