2009, what will it bring?

Time to start making those resolutions you will likely break. Hurry, don’t waste anytime and get making them so you can start breaking them.

With 2008 now slowly beginning its fade, both thankfully and not for some, in our rearview mirrors, what exactly is there to be hopeful for in 2009? What do you hope to see?

On the federal stage, we can only hope that Prime Minister Harper has decided to play nice after his near-death political experience. His government’s January budget looms large not just for governance but for our economy as well. Also, will the opposition leaders govern and do what they think is best and accept the budget if it is, in fact, good for Canadians?

Will North American automakers make the necessary changes, thanks to some bailout cash on both sides of the border, to become relevant again and find solid economic footing? Can they adjust and in some cases reverse decades of largess as the big fish in the North American auto pond they once enjoyed?

Mayor David Miller and our beloved Toronto. With hands out again and again, the sight of our once-great city surviving from cash injection to injection from other governments has become tiresome. Is there still time for inspirational leadership down at City Hall? Can any significant inroads be made concerning waterfront revitalization?

Darfur. Somalia. Iraq. Afghanistan. Israel-Palestine. North Korea. China. With a growing economic crunch hitting everyone, will so-called “civilized” nations like Canada become more vigilant and strident in helping our fellow man in those countries, or will we continue to move to more insular policy and action. Will we forget those easily forgotten and suffering atrocities we only can have nightmares about?

You. The average Canuck. The average world citizen. What do you hope 2009 will bring for you?


One thought on “2009, what will it bring?

  1. Grant

    I sure wasted no time in breaking my New Year’s resolution. Though I managed to stay away from cigarettes the first six months of 2008, my renewed resolution for 2009 lasted a pitiful two and a half days. But the year’s still young and I’ll keep trying to become smoke-free.

    Will the North American automakers survive? The bailout money alone, of course, won’t solve a thing. Management at “The Big Three” has indeed had its collective head buried in the sand the past forty years. Their arrogance in the market place, their “bigger is always better” philosophy, and their ignorance of what the public wanted in vehicles has sent these companies tumbling toward the dumpster. We can only pray that GM, Ford and Chrysler can pull off some sort of miracle and finally start thinking 21st century … not tomorrow or next year, but today. It’s numbing to think of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that’ll be lost on both sides of the border if that miracle doesn’t happen.

    Federal politics? My dislike and distrust of Stephen Harper aside, it would be foolish for me or any other Canadian to want his government to fail just to prove a point. Our economy is in need of help NOW, and we should all be hoping that the upcoming budget will provide that help. This is definitely not the time for more posturing by the “coalition,” and we neither want nor need another election, especially not now. Should the budget be unacceptable to the majority of politicians on Parliament Hill, is it too much to ask that, just this once, they all put aside their big egos and party agendas and, for the benefit of this country, work together to get it up to snuff? But perhaps I’m too much of a dreamer. After all, we are talking politicians.

    “What do you hope 2009 will bring for you?”
    Overwhelmed daily with tragic and depressing news from around the world of the horrible things that people are doing to each other, it’s never easy to feel optimistic about humankind. In July 1944, just weeks before young Anne Frank and her family were taken from their hiding place in Amsterdam and shipped off to Nazi concentration camps, she wrote in her diary: “It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, as they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. It’s utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering, and death.” Hope, I don’t believe, has ever been better described. From this average Canuck, I guess my only hope for 2009 and beyond is that we, as humans, never lose hope, or worse yet stop caring about our fellow humans, whether they live next door or across the world.

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