Obama coming to Canada

Super Obama is going to fly into Canada and visit. He likes us, he really, really likes us!

Let our Canadian complex for acceptance from our big neighbours continue with the news that President-Elect Barack Obama will make Canada his first official state visit after his inauguration. I just hope we have our house in order.

News of his visit, likely in April, broke this weekend and it even sent the Prime Minister’s office scrambling to see if it was true. The choice for Canada as his first state visit as president is seen as a vote of confidence in our alliance and partnership. Now, if Canadian people only had the confidence in their government that the American people showed in spades with Obama.

In this space we lobbied and endorsed the choice of Obama, he is compelling, he is hope and he has a massive road ahead for both him and his nation. Could a new president have any more challenges on his slate than this guy? Wars. Trillion dollar deficits. An economy in tatters. A nation’s confidence slowly being restored. Ensuring Canada feels good and that we are on his radar, is a small concern for sure for him and was a bigger worry for us.

I hope our government keeps it together in the meantime and gets to governing. Hopefully the coalition yahoos have disappeared and Prime Minister Stephen Harper has cooled his bullying ways.

We are supposed to be Canada. Canada the stable. So will the politicians on Parliament Hill please step out of the sandbox.


One thought on “Obama coming to Canada

  1. Grant

    I too look forward to the day when Barack Obama is sworn in as U.S. president. He sure enough has plenty of serious problems to contend with, most of them brought about by George W. Bush and company. Though he can hardly be expected to rectify them all in his first term of office, if he accomplishes just ONE thing that will benefit his country and/or the world, that’ll still be one thing more than Bush ever did during his disastrous reign. That Obama will soon start mending fences with other countries, healing the estrangement caused by Bush and his “We’re the U.S. and we don’t give a damn what you think” regime is most encouraging. During the past 8 years, it’s been easy for other countries to dislike the United States, its foreign policies and its actions. With Obama’s first state visit to Canada, I want to believe that better relations between our two countries are on the horizon.

    As you say, Vince, long before President Obama visits Canada, let’s hope that our often coldly arrogant prime minister and the bickering fools snapping away at his heels will have their act together and start behaving like a stable, responsible and productive government. In the months and years ahead, Obama will surely see enough petty partisan wrangling within his own government. He doesn’t have to see ours.

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