Farewell George, it was nice misunderestimating you


 Dear George:

We thought we would take the opportunity bid you a fond adieu (that is French for good bye George) and say you are one feisty bugger on the way out the Whitehouse door.

Your last press conference with the Whitehouse press was an interesting exercise which put on display everything people love and hate about you and your presidency. Smugness – check. Arrogance – check. Poor vocabulary – check. Denial – a big CHECK.

The fact you think the standing of the United States on the world stage, during your time, has not suffered shows how out of touch you are with reality – but what do we really expect from a former frat boy with “impressing dad” issues.

You did express disappointment in not finding weapons of mass destruction but defended your government’s response to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Your are proud of the bloody mess in Iraq you helped create and deny failing in cleaning up a devastating mess in your own backyard.

You beat the drum that America is now safer thanks to your policies and international military action. All you did was suspend basic human rights, not just for those arrested and dragged to Gitmo but you also stomped over the rights of your own citizens – way to go Georgie.

You may have prevented another attack happening on your home soil but at the same time, you managed to grow the population of the rabid and angry wolves at your door.

We will give you this much, in the days following 9-11, your brashness, your swagger and “down-home” cockiness is what your country needed. The American psyche needed a cowboy to ride up on that pile rubble and promise retribution. It made citizens feel better and secure that a response would happen- but no one imagined the flippin’ mess you would create, especially attacking Iraq.

History will indeed judge you George. It certainly won’t misunderestimate you, your body of work is hard to ignore for what it is – a mess.

Go away and do not come back. Enjoy your pretzels during your retirement.


The rest of us who never would have voted  for you (even if we could)  and those who know you did not defeat Gore.


One thought on “Farewell George, it was nice misunderestimating you

  1. Grant

    The shortcomings of George W. Bush have never been better summed up.

    Perhaps it’s his limited vocabulary, but Bush’s abundant use of the word “disappointment” – used at least a dozen times at his news conference – was rather bizarre, particularly in regard to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal (“a huge disappointment”) and not finding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (“a significant disappointment”). Then again, maybe he was subconsciously expressing self-pity, as in, “Gosh, all those disappointments unfairly made me and my administration look bad.” Contrary to what he now believes, history will never look back at him and his actions in a favourable light. As a U.S. president, as an intelligent and humane being, he has been “a colossal disappointment.”

    Happy retirement, Mr. Bush. Try not to choke on any more pretzels as you gallop into oblivion. And please, during the rest of your precious life, never be haunted by the countless thousands of people whose lives you destroyed.

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