Sportsmanship, dogs & elephants and wrongful conviction

For this first installment of Sunday: At the movies with On Deadline, we post three clips for your viewing enjoyment.


Show this one to your kids and young athletes in your family. It is a beautiful reminder of what participating in sports should be about.



A heart-warming sweet story from the animal kingdom. It makes you think, are we really that advanced as humans?



This is a 40 minute movie first presented by CBC’s The Fifth Estate on television recently. It is a gripping and hard investigative piece about a man wrongfully convicted for the death of his niece. He spent 12 years in prison and the wrongful conviction ripped his family apart. This was a case infamous coroner Dr. Charles Smith was involved in.


3 thoughts on “Sportsmanship, dogs & elephants and wrongful conviction

  1. Patrick McConnell

    Hey Vince
    I have seen the baseball video a few times before. As a coach of rep baseball team, it always moves me. The display of sportsmanship is truely amazing. It is strange though, and other coach friends of mine have noticed it, female baseball players tend to be more sensitive to the other team and each other than boys. Mind you, in the same breath, they can also be more cruel and catty to ‘fellow’ team members. That is a very female characteristic as well.
    I loved the elephant/dog story. that is really sweet . You are right, people can certainly learn from that video on so many different levels.

  2. Grant

    Instead of overdoing on all the superlatives these video stories rate, I’ll try to make my comments as gush-free and brief as possible.

    SPORTSMANSHIP – a profoundly moving example of how unselfish, honourable and compassionate people can be. What those young women did on the baseball field that day not only demonstrated the epitome of sportsmanship, they showed the human spirit at its finest.

    IF DOGS AND ELEPHANTS CAN DO IT – guaranteed to warm the heart, bring a smile to the face and a lump to the throat. The final image and last spoken words on this are memorable.

    A DEATH IN THE FAMILY – a film that’s difficult to watch without getting choked up. The terrible injustice done to Bill Mullins-Johnson, and the emotional hell heaped on him and his family is numbing. It is quite bewildering why his niece continues to hate him for something he did not do. Her “People just don’t go to prison for no reason” rationale is both naive and irrational. As for Doctors Rasaiah and Smith, if they can’t be sent to prison for gross incompetence and negligence, let’s at least hope that Mr. Mullins-Johnson will be successful in his $13-million personal damage suit filed against them and four other medical “experts” who concocted the “flawed pathology evidence” against him. Though money can’t give the man back the 12-years of life he lost in prison, or erase the heartache he and his family have endured, it should be of some consolation. If draining the doctors’ bank accounts doesn’t pain them enough, having their egos deflated in a court of law should, especially for the still uppity and defiant “I did nothing wrong” Rasaiah.

    Judging by this first instalment of “Sunday: At the Movies with On Deadline,” you’ve come up with a winning addition to your site. Congratulations, Vince, and many thanks for the current gems now playing.

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