All Americana: Bush classics, ‘U.S. Americans’ geography, Obama wows

In today’s installment of Sunday: At the movies with On Deadline we go All Americana to celebrate our wonderful neighbours to the south. The world watched and rejoiced with them and now the hard work begins.

BUSH CLASSICS courtesy of David Letterman

A tragic comedy not even Shakespeare would have the audacity to write. We all make gaffes but when you are U.S. president, everyone notices and former president (feels good to write) George Bush had hundreds. Here is a Top 10 by David Letterman capturing the essence of Bush. My personal favourite is #4.

‘U.S. Americans’ geography- how Miss Teen USA South Carolina sees it

Yes, this flick has made the rounds but it is still classic comedy. Viewers should get frequent flier points in trying to follow this wide ranging answer to a simple a question.


Today’s feature film could not be about anything else. We have Barack Obama’s inauguration and address. This includes the gaffe concerning the oath and then the wonderful speech. Ignore the critics, this speech is a solid piece of writing, wonderfully crafted with great imagery. The speech delivers the hard truth about the road that lays ahead. Let’s enjoy it one more time.


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