Sexy Canadian politicians rule my blog

I humbly bow to the prowess and attraction of Canadian politicians.

After over a year of trying to pen solid prose, analysis and thoughtful blogs, even funny ones at times, I lay down my pen to the mighty sexual wiles of Canadian politicians.

My post about sexy Canadian politicians that I wrote on May 4 of last year has stomped its way into dominance on my blog stats. It now has more views than the next three most popular posts COMBINED.

On my search terms that brought people to my blog, once again, it holds the top two spots. Also in the top five, the term “Ruby Dhalla sexy”, a search for the exotically beautiful Brampton-Springdale MP appears. I would like to think it is people just wanting to learn more about her political bio but note the word “sexy”.

I will fully admit, I knew what I was doing when I penned that original post, sex sells and I hoped to capitalize. But, wow, I never thought it would be like this. I know, this sounds like a whine, but it is more about writer pride and ego being slightly bruised.

Has that post generated return visitors? Not too sure about that. Does it draw visitors daily? Yes. Even when I went through two horrible spells of writer’s block, that post kept the dust from settling down around here too thick.

Canadian politicians are sexy, who knew and my blog is better for it…I think.



One thought on “Sexy Canadian politicians rule my blog

  1. Patrick McConnell

    kinda makes you think, eh vince?
    sex does sell. and you know that porn is the most searched and pages viewed online so no great shock that your posting on sexy canadian politicians keeps em coming back.
    On the professional side, your findings are not unique. The content you work hardest on and what you think might spark comment and debate, often ends up letting down. The light-hearted or properly SEO’d (search engine optomized) content with mass appeal will win out in the end. But please don’t be a sell out. Too often, for the sake of traffic, we find websites selling out to get the numbers up and create empty eyeballs and click-throughs on pages. But they are worthless empty eyeballs that may never come back but once. Be true to what motivated you to create your blog in the first place. That will offer you far more rewards in the long run.

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