Quirky love, White collar crime and Past Sins

In today’s installment of  Sunday : At the movies with On Deadline we recognize and celebrate young, entrepreneurial filmmakers who participated in YouTube’s recent 2009 Project Direct, an online international short film competition.

The winner had his short film screened at the recent Sundance Film Festival and the runners-up had DVDs of their short films distributed at the festival as well.


This sweet love comedy won the competition this year. The performance by the female lead is engaging and hard to not like and smile at. The film’s creator describes the film as follows: “¡Perfecto! is a story about perfect love for imperfect people. A small-town girl who’s a small-time thief falls in love with a Latin stranger she meets. Their language barrier may not stop them from getting married, but the police that show up might.”


This film placed second in the competition and was a Canadian production pulled together in three days before the competition deadline and only at a cost of $200. The film is a crime drama, some describe it as a black comedy. Deserving of the accolades it received.


This film was entered in the Project Direct competition and though it did not win, it was a personal favourite of mine among a handful of others. It is moody and haunting and all takes place in one setting, in front of a bathroom mirror. The movie’s creator asks “What if you saw something you didn’t like…would you change it?”


2 thoughts on “Quirky love, White collar crime and Past Sins

  1. Grant

    ¡PERFECTO! – The title says it all. It’s not the least surprising that this total charmer ran off with the competition’s top prize.

    MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL – Oh yes, it’s excellent on every level.

    WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS – After watching this several times, I still can’t seem to “get it.” Okay, the film mocks racial stereotyping to the hilt. (That one of the criminals refers to the police as “po po” only reinforces the black thug stereotype.) Of course, it conveys the idea that white collar crime is considered victimless. More importantly, it also suggests that we’ve become so accustomed to violence in our society that it’s of no consequence whatsoever anymore. (Why else would the brutal murders at the jewelry store and the attempted drive-by shooting of the skateboarder be so blatantly ignored as crimes?) That the female hostage was so easily bought off with that chintzy looking necklace by one of the criminals must be a comment on how quickly some people can deep-six their ethics. Admittedly, this is an incredibly well made, thought provoking and clever little film, but it leaves me feeling that I’ve missed something. Then again, I’ve never understood the appeal of dark satirical “comedy.” Why this film proved so popular and placed second in the competition also baffles me, as I think “Mirror, Mirror” has a great deal more to say and says it with so much style. The contest’s second runner-up, “Good Deeds and the Damage Done,” is equally terrific. Personal subject matter preferences aside, it’s impossible not to admire the talent and creativity of ALL the filmmakers who produced these outstanding shorts. Supposed amateurs, they put many of the so-called professionals in Hollywood and elsewhere to shame.

    Thanks so much, Vince, for posting another trio of most entertaining and interesting videos. You sure know how to pick ’em.

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