Wednesdays with Jesse: Feb.11/2009




2 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Jesse: Feb.11/2009

  1. As a political cartoon hobbyist I have tried and tried to have my political cartoons published by any BC newspaper. None over the past year have taken up my free offer…I wonder why…see for yourself.

    Most of us want to see the four taser blazing RCMP officers who ultimately caused the death of Robert Dziekanski to admit to their unnecessary over-the-top zealous tactics. But sadly there is no need for them to admit to anything – they were only following police procedures in place at the time by today’s BC RCMP Commissioner, and police chiefs/commissioner’s coast to coast with Federal and Provincial Ministries of Justice approval.

    There lies the real problem…

    If police chiefs and judges were elected they would FIRST be accountable to its citizens who elected them according to their judicial prudence. Only then would police attitude, conduct and decorum appropriately fit the crime scene. Elected judges would then adhere to a more humane concerned citizen attitude dignifying the loss of property or family loss caused by the police or criminals instead of the current indignity in handing out shorter softer sentences to criminals. “This would also abolish the need for inhouse pro-bias police commissions”

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