Tiger Returns, ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ and ‘The Code’

Today at Sunday: At the Movies with On Deadline, we have a brilliant Nike ad, a blockbuster uplifting video enjoyed 12.9 million times and an excellent look at the hockey fighting debate.


We are not fans of golf here at On Deadline but we can sure appreciate the dominance and greatness of Tiger Woods in that professional recreational activity. No one does it better than Tiger. Nike has taken advantage of his return from injury to show how life has been without Tiger for his competitors. A quick comedic bit, wait for the ending.


Enjoyed to the tune of 12.9 million views on YouTube, this clip is a monster blockbuster. It was an ad for Stride Gum, which follows Matt and his “dancing around the world” dream after quitting his job.

The soundtrack is catchy and uplifting. The cinematography eye-catching, with beautiful vistas unfolding before you…all while you try and figure out, “Where the Hell is Matt?”


The hockey fighting debate rages on.

With the death of 21-year-old Don Sanderson, who suffered a fatal head injury in a hockey fight, the debate on fighting’s place in the game has raged beyond sports media in Canada.

The Code, courtesy of The Fifth Estate, explores this element of the game, talking to the players and pundits who either celebrate or denounce it. On Deadline has previously weighed in on this, though we do not support fighting, we feel it is unrealistic to think it can be legislated out the game. Does fighting look stupid? Yes. Two grown men wailing away looks archaic and it does take away from the world’s fastest and intricate game. However, hockey will always be prone to violent outbursts.

The Code does a good job of weighing in on the debate. Let us know what you think after seeing this in-depth look at it. Click below to watch:

THE CODE – Hockey’s Unwritten Law of Fighting and the men who live by it.


2 thoughts on “Tiger Returns, ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ and ‘The Code’

  1. Grant

    Having given up all hope that the Maple Leafs would ever again have a successful season, it’s been a couple of decades now since I last watched a hockey game broadcast on the CBC. One of the benefits of that was not having to see or hear Don Cherry. Until watching the Fifth Estate’s report on fighting in hockey, I’d almost forgotten what an annoying, pompous, testosterone-bloated gasbag he is. I sure hadn’t forgotten when he was Boston’s coach, his attitude being “Nobody dares touch Bobby, or they’re gonna be very, VERY sorry.” I used to wonder, why not just remove all the opposition players from the ice and let Orr fire pucks into the net all night? That would’ve saved a lot of opposition players getting their heads punched in by Cherry’s “enforcers” just because they did dare touch his “star.”

    “When you picked on one of my smaller players, I’d take care of ya. If ya got me that time and you didn’t come back, I’d try the next game. I’d try to get ya,” said Cherry in the report. And, “You have to fight with honour.”

    Honour? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word, let alone understand the concept of sportsmanship. He has a vengeful, thug-like mentality better suited for street gang brawling than for the once great sport of hockey. “No, I liked fighting. I love fighting. There’s no rush in the world … drop the gloves, let’s go.”

    As is obvious in the report, sour “Grapes” doesn’t take kindly to those who have the audacity to disagree with his opinions, but I’m one of those “anti-fighting” … “left-wing” …”pity hearts” who does. I much prefer and respect sports caster Bob McCown’s rational take on the fighting in hockey issue: “There are sixty jobs in the NHL for guys who can’t play, but can fight. And THAT is what’s wrong.” With all the body contact there is in the game, it’s inevitable that tempers will flare and fights will happen. But it is the truly talent less, bullying goons Cherry so admires who have, over the years, made the sport of hockey so unnecessarily violent, vicious and, in the tragic case of Don Sanderson, deadly.

    “Where the Hell is Matt?” He’s out trying to charm the world, and he’s doing a terrific job of it. The scenes of youngsters happily dancing along with him, especially, would warm an ogre’s heart. Unfortunately, the Nike ad was removed for copyright reasons.

    Thanks, as always, Vince, for posting these videos. The entertainment found on Sunday at the Movies is consistently excellent, and it’s a real treat just to find out what’s playing here at the end of every week.

  2. Vince

    I too am sick and tired of Don Cherry and his rants from the pulpit on CBC courtesy of our tax dollars.

    I still believe fighting will never be legislated out of the game, it is simply too fast, violent and rough for that to happen. But the thug mentality and goonery can be eliminated.

    There was once a time I thought Cherry was god, but that was when I was a young, testosterone filled man, worried more about beer and getting laid than life in general. After growing up and helping raise a child, also thanks to traveling the world and seeing both the horrible and beautiful things man can create, let alone nature, I started to tune out Cherry.

    I will admit this current response is also fueled by Cherry’s latest diatribe of ignorance. He slammed Ovechkin recently, the most exciting player in the NHL, who just happens to be Russian. Cherry, once again, riled against Europeans and Ovechkin’s celebrations, claiming some big defenceman will “cut in him half” if he is not careful – seriously- we actually pay this guy to say this stuff on our national public broadcaster. Is this the message we want younger players to go with, cut down the most talented around you? Once again, he separated Europeans from Canadians, setting them against each other.

    Hate to break it to you Grapes, Canada is not the small town Canada you grew up in. Europeans have helped build up this country and did it while putting up with jerks and discrimination from small minded Canadians like you. When you say “Europeans” you are speaking about all of us with heritage from countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, France, Germany and Greece who have made a life here in Canada and are proud Canadians. When you dismiss Russian and Swedish players, you are dismissing us as well. Also, some of those Canadian troops you wonderfully honour and celebrate are of European heritage as well.

    Essentially when you isolate and dismiss Europeans, you are saying all us Canadians of European heritage are less Canadian because we have no Anglo last names. You are saying there are “real Canadians” and then us who just happen to live here.

    Grapes needs to go.

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