Atheists Have It Wrong



Atheists have it wrong.

The recent atheist bus ad campaign that cheekily states, “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” has been a success in stirring up the age old debate on whether or not the “Big Guy in the Sky” exists. Atheists are entitled to their God opinion but the notion that if people stop believing in God they will be happy and enjoy life is paper thin.

Even if there is no God, the fact some people believe in one and this belief has helped guide them to a healthy and productive life, the concept is a success. So what if there is nothing in the afterlife, the fact people have lived a good life, whether guided by religious belief or not, is what really matters. Also, who is to say that believing in a God leaves you unhappy, especially if you never believed in one? How would you know about the level of happiness it does or does not provide?

Here is my take on this: I do not like working with numbers and I am thoroughly convinced accounting seems boring and think happiness can only be found in writing. However, I would never think of telling an accountant they should quit their job because I am so sure they will find happiness writing prose. Who am I to judge about the possible happiness carrying the decimal can bring to an individual?

I was raised in a Catholic family but I am pretty much non-practicing and consider myself more of a worldly spiritual person. Thanks to my job as a reporter and a constant travel bug, I have been introduced to a variety of wonderful religions, which all eerily have the same framework to me. What I have come to understand about a belief in God is this, it generally inspires good in numerous countries, from food drives, to volunteer work to providing the necessities of life. All this delivers happiness along the way.

Now, of course, believers are not exactly all that saintly. Extreme religious belief has caused thousands of wars and killed millions over the course of human history. Religious followers have done awful things, spreading hate and ignorance and generally been evil all in the name of their particular God. However, I challenge anyone to definitively say atheists do not have such twisted animals among their ranks as well.

If believing in something “gets you through” whether it is a death, dealing with illness or the tragedy of life, it is a valid fibre to have in your life. Yes, this also applies to atheists, if their belief in not having a belief is what gets them through, all the power to them, as long as they use it in a positive manner and do not disparage others- which they unfortunately seem to do consistently, whether in general conversation or on the side of a bus.

3 thoughts on “Atheists Have It Wrong

  1. Samantha

    I trully recommend this book to any reader. This book is both contriversal and thought provoking. An Atheist Guide to God written by Sofia O.Y. Jones is truly a great read. This book draws you in and does not let go. After reading this book, you’ll have a different outlook on life. Don’t let the title fool you, its not a book that tells you what to believe. This book is about a journey of a woman who finds her path.

  2. Exactly. Believing in God makes some people happy in the same way that believing in Santa Claus makes kids happy. But eventually somebody tells you, “uh, you know what, that whole Santa Claus thing is just a story.” I think God is just the grown-up version of Santa Claus. But if having an imaginary friend in the sky helps you get through this life, then more power to you. It won’t bother me at all, at least until you try to tell me that the God you believe in is going to torture me in a fiery pit forever if I don’t believe in him. That sounds more like a mafia boss than a loving God.

  3. Austerity and imposed moral codes are two perceptions of religion (aka God) … I heard an anarchist once say, “if heaven is so wonderful, why don’t they kill themselves and leave the rest of us in peace …”

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