Red Eye deserves a punch in the eye

Leave it to Fox to enrage someone just before they head to bed.

If you have not heard, there is a lame late night show on Fox called Red Eye. In a recent segment they made fun of our Canadian troops and military, playing upon recent comments by a lieutenant-general in our military who stated our troops may need a one-year break when our Afghanistan mission winds down in July 2011.

The idiocy of this show simply knows no bounds. The panelists comments are bloody enraging. Though they present the facts to why our break may be needed, they proceed to rip on our troops and commitment in Afghanistan, saying things like :

– they did not know we were even in the war

– our troops want to do yoga

– our military wants to run along sandy white beaches in capri shorts

– apparently we do not have cops, just Mounties in red jackets and on horses

– we are not a smart culture

– we are “a ridiculous” country,  that should be invaded

– also, we can get away with taking a break because we share a border with most powerful nation “in the universe”

I realize the four morons on the panel cannot find Afghanistan on the map and might be hard-pressed to find Canada as well. These nimrods do not represent the thoughts and opinions of the Americans I know. Then again, the Americans I know are literate and would not be caught dead watching Fox.

Are we overreacting because of our national inferiority complex in reaction to the comments of these buffoons?

No. We are not.

At last count, 116 Canadian troops have died in Afghanistan as we help our ally, our friend, the United States.

We are not overacting with our anger and outrage because we are standing up for the families and friends of those troops that have died on dusty, remote, foreign soil a world away.

We are also not overreacting because we are standing for our troops that are over there right now, risking their lives.

We stand for our fallen troops with every comment, email and disparaging remark we make about Red Eye and the idiots on that panel. Sure, Red Eye benefits with all the added attention, so make your comments count.

We now fight and make sure that the commitment and sacrifices our troops make is not be trifled with and made fun of. This is not about not being able to take a joke, it is about respect and the fact some things should not be joked about.

Red Eye deserves a punch in the eye.

You can email them and let them know what you think at:

You can also let the Whitehouse know what you think of this disgusting display by Red Eye, by emailing them at:

You can also write President Barack Obama at:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Lastly, let Prime Minister Stephen Harper know what you think and would like him to say at:

or write or fax the Prime Minister’s office at:

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900


One thought on “Red Eye deserves a punch in the eye

  1. Grant

    There just aren’t enough derogatory words in the English language to adequately describe the grossly ignorant and deeply offensive comments made by Gutfeld and his fellow Red Eye troglodytes. Thank you, Vince, for your sane and level headed post concerning this matter, and also for the list of contacts. When my anger and outrage subside a bit, I’ll be putting that contact information to good use. All I’m seeing now is red and a lot of four-letter words.

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