Toronto councillors inspect strip club – good or bad?


It has all the makings of an unsavory story, ripe for a daily newspaper, politics and sex. However, is it really that bad when you dig deeper?

Three Toronto councillors were recently followed and observed entering a strip club in Toronto. The councillors had accepted an invitation from the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada, a registered and approved lobbyist on the municipal lobby registry, to come and inspect the working conditions and requirements in a Toronto strip club.

Councillors receive these types of invitations often from various industries and sectors of a city’s business community. These tours usually are designed to show current challenges, violations or solutions in a certain business practice.

The councillors in this case, paid for the lunch they ate at the strip club and attended the establishment during a lunch break in their council meeting. No lap dances. No dollars in G-strings. Three grown men inspecting an establishment which is licensed to carry on business in the city, could easily have been a printing press or bakery.

A reporter followed them to the establishment, confronted them when they came out and filed a story about it.

Now, is this a story? Did the councillors do something wrong? Does it only appear wrong because it is a strip club? How could this moral furor have been avoided and yet had proper municipal attention paid to such an establishment?

What do you think On Deadline readers?

One thought on “Toronto councillors inspect strip club – good or bad?

  1. John

    I have known Cesar Palacio many years, And I must say he is a man of principle. And this attack is of the same nature, when the Star tryed to make his renting a constituency office at bellow market value look Immoral.

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