Off to Japan!

Hello On Deadline readers, critics, fans and friends.

The day is finally here, I am off to Japan today, a dream adventure and trip about to be realized, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve when Christmas was still an exciting mystery.

I am headed to Tokyo on a direct flight from Toronto with a few of my closest friends as we tack on thousands of more kilometres on our already well-travelled friendships . This trip has been in the making for at least 18 years and now it is only hours away from its start. It takes us remembering our dreams and hopes sometimes, let alone chasing them, to help make you feel alive.

This trip also has some added intrigue thanks to North Korea and its plans to launch, what they claim is a satellite, that will fly over Japan. They plan to fire sometime between April 4 and 8. We land in Tokyo on April 4 to begin our two week trek. Why does it seem news seems to find me even when I am trying to get away from it?

When these feet hit Japanese ground and I begin to hear Japanese all around me, a language I have been trying to learn for three months now, it will be sensory overload…and I’m ready for my circuits to be humming and burning up as I try and soak up ever moment. I will blog when I can and share what I taste, hear and see, whether through photos or words.

Eighteen years in the making, a few hours until it begins… then a lifetime of memories begin to unfold.


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