Air Canada once again succeeds in disappointing

So, we have arrived but my love for Air Canada has only diminished even more, but yes, Tokyo here we are.

Was great waking up here in Tokyo  but we arrived in the dead of night,  using the subway was fun and precusor to the fun challenges ahead but back to Air Canada…

It seemed like this dream trip was never going to happen, here is what unfolded to make us think this trip was just going to have to wait:

– a medical emergency on the plane as we backed away from the gate

– separate to the above, we then had to wait for a replacement pilot

– we finally take off, about 40 minutes late

– approximately 25 minutes into our flight, pilot informs us that he has to dump fuel and circle back to Toronto, the plane has flap problems, funny thing is, he proceeds to tell us the weather in Toronto…which we had just left

– SIX HOURS later they horde us back on a plane, smaller in size than the one we left on. The prepaid seat selection did not matter and we were scattered to the winds. When i mentioned the prepaid. i was told “It is not like we are leaving you behind sir” –

– end up in a seat with LESS leg room than i wanted or a 12.5 hour flight, with someone reclining their chair in my lap half the way and a screaming baby seated to my right

Needless to say, we are happy to be here and begin exploring. Today it is The Festival of the Wind at Yoyogi Park and the assorted craziness around that area.

Great to be here, write soon.


One thought on “Air Canada once again succeeds in disappointing

  1. Patrick McConnell

    Ah yes. the joys of traveling on Air Canada where they feel it is their God given (or government created) right to take you money, tell you what to do and provide no service (without an additional fee for which they are under no apparent obligation to provided said service for which you just paid for). Ah yes, Air Canada. Our national airline.

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