Spirit of tokyo

The spirit of Tokyo is in the trees- cherry blossom trees that is.

An incredible first day in Tokyo just wrapped up and what an incredible start. Moments sometime happen when you travel when photos or videos will not do justice to what you experience- this happened today at Yoyogi Park.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Tokyo citizens, most of them the youth of this immense city, seated or splayed on blankets under the blossoming tapestry of cherry blossom trees. Some seated in circles, others laying down, others still laughing,drinking,dancing or talking as they soak in the day.

For a westerner, this sense of family and community on such a scale,without a sense of fearing for your safety or riot about to break out, is unusual and awe inspiring. We simply are not wired like the Tokyo citizenry to enjoy each others company,slowly and simply and shoulder to shoulder publicly.

What a day. What an experience.


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