Overload Tokyo

Sensory overload.

Day two in Tokyo revealed some of the many faces of this truly cosmopolitan city. The sprawling green and pristine Imperial Palace lawn concourse cascades down to the city’s financial district-a district similar to so many around the world. The black business suit for both men and women are as equally pristine here.

The more you walk around Tokyo you realize how clean this city is. Thanks to a sense of order and discipline threaded in this historic culture, a westerner quickly realizes what slobs and inconsiderate people most of us are. The modern Tokyo benefits from this and you hope they do not adopt all our self righteous and narrow minded ways-they do not need to. Safe and clean,things toronto espouses to be but fails in fulfilling when compared to this city with a greater metropolitan population of all of Canada.

The Ginza District was a massive celebration of all that is trendy and fashionable here – the beautiful people come here to be seen and with the credit limit you could have a field day here.

Then off to the Akihibara we went to bathe in the glow of Electric Town and its loud and overpowering lights and sounds. The shades of the city’s underbelly, naughtiness and raw appeal hit you as you walk down side streets. Whatever your fetish from electronics to manga to anime and maid cafes, it is all here to indulge in .

The night ends in a sushi hole-in-the-wallish type diner that can be easily missed among the blazing lights. The décor and sushi carousel are as raw as the food itself. The real Tokyo comes here to eat, from business man to construction worker with four Canadian visitors along for the delicious chow.

Day two ends with a quiet walk down the dimly lit side streets of backwater tokyo. Nothing stirs but a few alley cats and we are home.


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