Ignorance, swine flu zombies and gaming’s dark side

In a long awaited return to some kind of normalcy here at On Deadline, here is our latest installment in our movies feature.


Here is Miss California’s beauty pageant answer at the recent Miss America competition which fueled much debate. The point of these pageants is beyond me but the fodder they create through asinine answers is great for the rest of us to howl, jeer and comment on.


With all the doom and gloom and hysteria about the Swine Flu spreading around the media, causing more damage and angst than the actual flu itself, here is by far, the greatest explanation of the flu I have come across. Cute animals explaining the flu, it gives some basic great advice and mocks the hysteria we have been subjected to…love the zombie worries.

TOP GUN: When a video gaming obsession turns to addiction and tragedy

In this heart-wrenching and numbing piece by CBC’s The Fifth Estate, the dangers of obsessive video gaming are explored. The death of young Brandon Crisp, who through his gaming obsession became embroiled in fights with parents, which pushed him to runaway, leading to his death in the woods, left a community and parents abroad stunned. Click below to watch.

TOP GUN: When a video gaming obsession turns to addiction and tragedy.


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