Will you miss Pontiac?

Pontiac – Built for Drivers and driving off into the sunset.

I am a Pontiac driver, a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE is my chariot in fact and I love my car. My family have been proud owners of Pontiacs since they arrived in Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The first car I ever drove was a 1972 Pontiac Le Mans, what a beast for a five-year-old to drive. Yes, I was five, the car was in park and dad got of the car to open the garage door…so what does an Italian kid do when the wheel gets open? He jumps in the car seat and puts it into drive…heading straight for my dad…and there is my first driving experience in a nutshell, a lot of fodder for other columns, and psychoanalysis as well, with that little tidbit of my childhood.

Will you miss Pontiac? Have you ever owned one? It may be a GM car but boy they built real nice cars, both practical and sporty along with some ugly stinkers, recent case in point, the Solstice versus the Aztec.

Our North American car makers do need to get their act together. Ford seems to be treading water the best but honestly, government bailouts of these private companies burns my gut. I realize we are talking about thousands of jobs on both sides of the border but these are private companies now being propped up by government funds.

These companies got fat, lazy, lost their vision and touch with reality and now American and Canadian taxpayers, some who do not drive North American cars, have to foot the bill to some degree.

Ever since the GM announcement came down I look at my Edie, the name of my car, and think just chopping off the Pontiac line will not be enough.

I am going to push my Pontiac to hopefully its 300,000 km birthday and then it will be time to buy a smaller, hopefully more efficient car. My Pontiac has been good to me and I to it and that has been the key.

So many kilometres and so many trips, this Pontiac has stayed true, has yours?


2 thoughts on “Will you miss Pontiac?

  1. Yep. Had a 1969 Pontiac Firebird that had served me well for years until it finally broke down beyond repair. I would definitely miss Pontiac and the quality of cars they manufacture.

  2. Patrick McConnell

    What exactly is WRONG with the Aztec? At first glance, yes they are butt ugly. Well, maybe even second and third glance the homely Aztec may still look a little ugly. But to more you get to know her, the better she is and you realize there are many redeaming qualities about her. And her beauty may not be readily apparent to you, but deep down, she is attractive in her own way. Would you want your friends seeing you drive her? Maybe not if your friends are shallow and superficial and hung up on exterior looks. But beauty goes much deeper than mouldings, sleek lines and purring engine. But when the rubber hits the road, she is always going to be there for you, loyal, functional, waiting with her warm welcome spaces, multiple auxilary power ports and all-wheel drive to help keep you on the straight and narrow. And her unique appearance really does grow on you and you learn, there is much more to man and his metal relationship than what’s on the outside.

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